Second hand or Used CI Flexo Press

Bpi do Refurbish and repair CI Flexo Press. A BPI Refurbished C.I. Flexo Press is Refurbished for High Quality Color process Flexo printing jobs. A C.I. Flexo Press is applicable to both high-quality printing on plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, and laminates, and it is very economical way of flexographic printing. Bpi will Find and Refurbish your next CI Flexo Press so it fits yours applications. We do not have any CI Flexo Press on stock, But we are well-known in the marked and Could Easily Find Your next CI Press.

CI Flexo Press (Central Impression or Common Impression)

A CI flexo Press is based on a central impression or Common Impression drum and printing stations equipped with each own chamber doctor blade system, Anilox cylinder and plate Cylinder. The central impression secures also a High accuracy and Quality in the printing result. The Common Impression (CI flexo printing press) is all designed to fit the core segment of CI flexo applications in terms of repeat length, printing width and output. Bpi will help you find your next CI Flexo Press so it fits Yours Applications.

CI Flexo printing Press verses Stack Press

Picture show a Flexo Stack Press 6 Color

Comparing a Stack Press and the CI Flexo Press the two Constructions looks totally different. The CI Flexo press is based on one big central impression or Common Impression drum surrounded with Flexo printing Stations. CI Flexo Press has only one Common or Central Impression drum and compared with the Stack press every single printing station has its own impression roller. In the older days the benefits of a CI Flexo Press was higher Printing Quality do to the Common or Central Impression Drum but, with Today’s controlling possibilities a Stack Press could print in same high quality as the CI flexo Press. In a Stack Press It is possible to print on both sides without turning the media and on the CI Flexo Press this is not possible without turning the media.

Flexographic Printing Machine

Saturn, CI Flexo Press

Logo Saturn, also custom made CI Flexo press fits Yours Applications

The Saturn series are a range of machines. A CI Flexo press designed for you after Yours applications.

SinuS II, For Your CI Flexo press

Logo Sinus Chamber Doctor Blade System. Your new Chamber for your CI Flexo Press

The Sinus II Chamber Doctor Blade system easily be fitted yours CI Flexo press

Venus, Accessories for CI Flexo Press

The Venus serie are a range of products, for your CI Flexo press.

The Venus serie are a range of products, that easily could be used on your CI Flexo Press, with in the program you will find Viscosity Measurer, Ink Pump and Tank system, etc. All systems that are around the CI Flexo Press.